Raising With Compassion

February 14, 2019

We need more compassion for this world to be a more peaceful place. For that we need to heal from our own heartaches, from our past and from what was imposed on us by our environment. No one has ever been so immune to emotional difficulties from their past. We all have our stories, we all have good and not so good moments from our past. Some have more heartaches than others and it is important to heal from our past before we pass them on to our children. This is always a process and won’t happen overnight, but it is totally worthwhile when it comes to raising children. Preventing the passing on of our own headaches to our children is a natural and unaware processes. We do it without realizing but what if you are open to self-discoveries? This may help you become more aware of how you can prevent transferring your own sadness, stress, anxiety and unhappiness on to your children.

Awareness is an antidote to ignorance and this is one of the ways, we can foster connection which usually results in more cooperation according to Dr. Aletha Solter, child psychologist and founder of aware parenting institute.

How do we foster more compassion in our relationship with our children? We need compassion in our own hearts to be able to raise children with compassion. This can be more challenging if as children we did not have most of our emotional needs met. If we were neglected (raised in a not good enough home), overly indulged (raised with too much protection) or abused (terribly raised), we can get more triggered when our children present some emotional or behavioral challenges. But the good news is that today, there are many resources available for prevention of such distress and I am here to support you in this journey if this resonates with you.

As a mother, a psychotherapist and as a woman I am highly passionate about providing a safe, holding and compassionate environment for children, clients and parents. I believe that there is a parallel between what my adult clients experience in therapy and that of what children need from their parents. Every person is unique however we all need to feel good, safe, connected and individuated. Being connected and close and at the same time being willfully separated to be our own person, is at the core of our psychological needs.

I can support you in your journey of parenting to gain more awareness about your past struggles that can get in the way of your parenting, support you as a parent and help you feel more connected to your child. This way, you can enjoy your parenting journey and simultaneously contribute to your child’s emotional well-being, success and resiliency.

Sogol Kafi, Psychotherapist, Aware Parenting Instructor